Best Places to Eat for a Weekend in LA

So for a short weekend away in the sunshine state, there’s only so many things you can eat…So I made sure we chose wisely.

First we visited The Commissary in The Line Hotel. This restaurant is mostly known because of Chef Roy Choi. It’s inside the LINE hotel, in LA’s infamous Koreatown. I believe it’s on the 2nd floor of the hotel, right next to the pool, in a greenhouse. The restaurant is produce-focused and everything we ordered were very fresh. The best part of this was the interior greenhouse design. Everything was natural with plenty of light coming in and with plants hanging from the ceiling. I ordered the eggs benedict and it was delicious.

Unfortunately, Roy Choi has announced his departure from the Sydell Group, and all of his properties will be closing. I checked the Line Hotel’s website today, and it has stated that The Commissary is currently closed for design work.

Next up....We were lucky enough to visit the infamous sushi restaurant Nobu. We were not lucky enough to spot any celebrities though lol. Although everything was fresh and was delicious…I’m still unsure if the price tag was worth it. I do have to say it’s a once in a lifetime experience. My group of 5 ordered our own choices, but you can also have the waiter pick for you depending on your preferences and any food allergies.

The interior was beautiful, almost every table had a plant (?) surrounding the table to give more privacy. Your plates are constantly changed to prep for the next course, and your water glasses are filled without being asked. Service was a 10/10 for sure.

They were also kind enough to give me a birthday dessert!

We had to try a ramen place while in LA. We stopped by Daikokuya before dinner time and there was no wait. I ordered the Daikoku ramen, which is their tonkatsu soup base ramen. It comes with 1 whole egg, and the noodles were delicious and not soggy. I didn’t get a picture of the foodT_T but here’s their official website for reference and how the inside looks like.

If you’re still not full, you can get some boba. I tried out Boteaga down the street from Daikokuya, and they had some delicious options. I ended up getting the Pinky Strawberry, and it comes with pink boba. They really know their esthetics.

Official dinner for us was all you can eat Korean BBQ that night at Hae Jang Chon. This place is known for their great meat quality. Their menu has 27 different items for you to choose from and they also give you thin rice paper or daikon sheets to eat your meat with. Your waiter will help cook your food for you and take your next order as well. You’ll have a 2 hour time limit, so their wait times won’t be so long. I’ll have to say, even with a time limit, we still ended up waiting about 2.5 hours for our table, and we were eating at around 6PM which isn’t prime time dinner time yet. So if you don’t want to wait as long, get here early! However long you wait though…the wait is worth it.

Nearing the end of the trip, we wanted to get some comfort food to ease our tiring souls and our exhaustion. We decided to try Din Tai Fung. We visited the one at The Americana. You’ll have to find street parking or use their Valet services. The restaurant will then validate your parking for you. Besides the xiao long bao in China, these were one of the best ones I’ve tried. They had just the right amount of soup inside the dumpling, and not too much filling. So good.

We also ordered the Shrimp and Pork Xiu Mai, which takes the second place prize in my opinion.

And for honorary mention, we also tried the Spicy Wonton, Noodles with Sesame Sauce, and the Pot Stickers.

As always, we had to followup with dessert. We decided to try Philz Coffee. I tried the Mint Mojito – no it’s not a real mojito. It’s a minty flavored iced coffee, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It has the right balance of the coffee flavor and sweetness. Definitely a must try!

Last day, we decided to have brunch at Alcove Café & Bakery. It’s kind of like a self-service café. You line up to order your food, they give you a number, and then you have to find your own table while you sit and wait for your food. I ordered eggs benedict (again…), and it was delicious! I also added a side of truffle fries, and their beignet onion rings. You HAVE TO try the beignet onion rings, they are fluffy and very flavorful.

For dinner, we tried all you can eat hot pot at Bon Shabu in Ktown. We ordered the spicy broth and the Sukiyaki broth. For dinner, you have 11 meat items to choose from. They also have all the vegetables, sides, and seafood items buffet style for you to bring to the table.

I definitely recommend this place, the meat quality is good, and they have a good selection of seafood to choose from.

Last but not least, you can’t forget dessert. Our last food adventure was Honeymee. Honeymee specializes in infusing honey into their true milk ice cream. I got the Honey Affogato, which is their ice cream with honey and coffee flavored syrup. I asked for the honey comb on the side as well. I recommend asking for this because you’ll get more of the honey, and it’s straight from the comb.

LA definitely has some great restaurants to try and this was just the beginning. We definitely plan to come back to try out more places! Follow my instagram stories for more on my food adventures :)