What to do in Cancun

Hello! Welcome back to another recap of another trip 😊

We recently went to Cancun, and I wanted to give you a review of the all-inclusive resort we stayed at, including some of the excursions we did.

I booked everything, except for one excursion on Expedia, and it was all very easy. Each company sent a confirmation email separately and contact information if we had any questions or needed to change the reservation.

We landed on Thursday afternoon, and we used Expedia Shuttle to get to our Hotel. It wasn’t the shared shuttle, so we didn’t have to wait. We got to our hotel very quickly, the airport was only about 25-30 minutes away from the Hotel Zone.

For our stay, I chose the Live Aqua Resort. Our stay was all-inclusive, so we didn’t have to worry about our meals or drinks 😉 I chose the Aqua Club rooms, because I wanted a speedy check in/out process. As a bonus, all the rooms part of the Aqua Club had access to the Aqua Club lounge, where they had top shelf liquor and their own breakfast/snack bar. When checking in, I was told that they’re actually renovating the actual Aqua Club, the one we’re in is temporary and smaller. I didn’t mind, everything was very clean, and they still had a variety of drinks and food.

That day, we decided to just relax and check out our resort. We went to the beach, where our resort had their own “section” of cabanas and chairs, to where the pool boys can come and take your drink orders. The cabanas are $70 USD per day, and you’ll have access to the cabana ALL DAY. I’m not sure the cabana is worth it…there are plenty of space to find a seat, and they have great umbrellas for shade too.

Friday, we decided to try Snorkeling with Total Snorkeling Cancun. We booked this excursion with the Concierge while checking in. We were picked up from our resort at 7:30am and we got there around 8:30 or 8:45. We were told it was $60 USD per person + $10 tax per person. However, after returning home, I found that they charged me more. When I first got to the place, I gave them $20 for 2 people’s tax as requested upon arrival. However, after the activity, I paid $90 in cash, and they charged me $50 on my credit card. So overall, I paid $160 total.

Overall, the activity was nice! Our group only consisted of 4 people since it was the early one at 9am. Our guide was very accommodating and slowed down for us when needed. The tour consisted of 3 stops. Each stop was about 5 minutes. The first one, we saw the underground mom and baby statures, and I felt like it was mostly a practice round for everyone to get use to the equipment, and swimming around. The second stop, we saw the 3 different hand statures, as well as some reef and turtles! And the last stop was the shipwreck.

The whole time, our guide made sure we were not lost and that we were able to enjoy what we saw. The currents and waves were really strong that day, so I did have difficulty swimming and keeping up. I had to use the life saver floaty the whole time lol. On a side note, we paid an extra $50 for someone to follow us around to take pictures/videos of our adventures, as this was our first time. I do not recommend their photography service, the pictures did not turn out well. All the shots were just random shots of us “struggling” in the water, and any videos we got were only 5-8 seconds long, and it was of us coming up for air, or swimming randomly. Below are some examples. I don’t think their photographer did a good job…they should’ve asked us to look at her, or maybe pause so she can take more good, presentable pictures.

Saturday, we had our Chichen Itza Tour, with Amigo Tours. We were picked up from our resort at 7:20am, and we circled around the Hotel Zone for awhile picking up other guests. Finally, we stopped at another hotel, where we all got on a bigger tour bus, with I guess, the other half of the tour group. Then we were on our way to Chichen Itza. Our tour guide, Freddy was very knowledgeable and great! On our way there, he gave us a lot of history and information about the Mayan Ruins. Supposedly, that day on September 22, around dawn time, this was one of 2 times a year where you can see the snake come down from heaven on the side of the pyramid ruins. We didn’t get to see it, since were there mid-afternoon time, but I thought that was very cool. Lunch was provided before the tour of the ruins. We stopped at a place where we could look at souvenirs, where some of the proceeds goes to help the Mayans. We were recommended by our guide to only get things here as it’s a set price and people here won’t rip you off, and because the proceeds will help Mayans. However, they are overpriced. For example, we bought a magnet here for $4, but inside the Mayan Ruins, people were selling magnets for $1….If you want some of your proceeds to help the Mayans, definitely shop there, but if you’re trying to save money, just wait to buy souvenirs at the Mayan Ruins. Lunch was buffet style, and there were tacos, nachos, and a lot of vegetables/fruits to choose from. The only downside is you have to buy your own drinks. And no, you can’t even bring your own water in, because they’ll tell you to put it away.

At the Mayan Ruins, Freddy gave us our tickets to go in, and we started walking in to see one of the 7 wonders of the world. Freddy was knowledgeable about all the history or each building there and I think that was the best part. Having a story and history to go along with the tour is something you shouldn’t miss out on. We walked around with Freddy for about 45 minutes to an hour learning about the different buildings and what it was used for, and then we had 1 hour to ourselves to walk around. After the tour, you can pick up a Mayan calendar with the date of your choosing which you can order through the tour guide, for $25.

After the ruins, the tour continues. Next stop is where we got to swim in a Cenote – a natural sinkhole. This was about 15 minutes away from the ruins. We had 1 hour to swim as much as we want, and if needed, we could rent out life jackets. The water was really nice! There are even some fishes swimming around. There is a platform where you can dive off from. Our swimming trip was cut short because it started raining, but this was still a nice touch after walking around on a hot day.

Once we got back to the Hotel Zone, they do drop you off at your hotel. Overall, I think this was a great excursion. I booked this in advance, when I booked the whole trip. It was $50 per person, and it includes lunch and transportation. Definitely worth it.

For our down time, we were able to enjoy our time at Live Aqua. They had a lot of different restaurants to try, and a bar, basically everywhere. For Friday night, they had a Casino themed night where they had black jack, Texas hold’em and a couple other games by the pool area. You get some monopoly money and you get to gamble away haha. Each night had different little activities, but I think Casino night was the best. This resort is a little more calm and quiet, as a lot of these activities ended at 11pm. A lot of the people who stayed here are a little older – not a lot of those bachelorette parties, or anything like that going on here, which I appreciated. At the end of your long days, I think a quiet resting place is important. If you’re looking to party it up though, this is not the resort for you. The only bar open late is the one in the lobby, and they close at 1am. Also, if you need help with anything the Concierge are very helpful! Just be sure not to get sucked into any discounted things by going to time share presentations. Since we had the speedy check in/out through the Aqua Club, we didn’t have to go through time share reps during that time. However, I think this is their new tactic, you might be asked to go to some marketing presentation. And if you go, you’ll get these great prices for a spa treatment or some sort. I refused to go and waste 30 minutes looking at marketing items that doesn’t even pertain to my lifestyle…but it’s your choice! I just told them, I was tired, or I was hungry. The only down side is they are all too persistent.

Overall, I loved our resort. It was clean, and the food was delicious. My favorite was the breakfast buffet. They had all kinds of different breakfast food, and made to order smoothies, as well as a mimosa bar! If you’re looking for a quiet and calm place to stay, I recommend Live Aqua.

Thanks for reading my essay on my trip to Cancun 😊 I’ll have more trip reviews soon. For my upcoming posts, I’ll be posting more fashion and beauty related things, so stay tuned!