3 Essential Fall Pieces – For Houston

You guys have to know that Houston has bipolar weather! So with Fall weather finally upon us, I have chosen 3 essential pieces you’ll need.

The first piece is a corduroy, button-up burgundy skirt. Wow that’s a mouthful lol. I bought this one at my local Marshalls, but you can definitely find this at Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. Corduroy is actually back in style…remember dreading wearing corduroy pants as a kid? Well now, you can relive the past, but in a fashionable style.

I paired the skirt with a simple black tank top from Target. It was only $3.00!!! Because with Houston, you’ll never know. It could be 80 degrees one day, and then 58 degrees the next….Which leads me to my next item.

You can’t go wrong with black thigh high boots. You can find these anywhere, but I like to get my boots from Charlotte Russe. There’s always having some sort of sale, and I feel like they’re very durable. I had my boots for about 2 years now, and I wear them every winter and I think they still look good.

Last but not least, my last essential item is a good, comfy cardigan. My cardigan is another goody from Target (By the way, who else is loving the Who What Wear line??) Layers are always good when there’s constant weather change. You can just pop on a cozy cardigan when it’s a little colder. For those warm days, you can go without it 😉

It’s hard to wear cozy pieces when it’s 80+ degrees outside, but I’m so glad Houston is finally getting some colder weather. I’m slowly starting to breakout my sweaters and boots to wear because I promise you, we only get about 1 month of Fall/Winter time here lol. If you want to see more outfit inspiration, and other random beauty bits, follow my Instagram @chanelingstyle 😊