White Elephant Gift Guide Under $50

Welcome to the final guide this Christmas! If you're like me, and never know what to get for a White Elephant Event, this year I will be coming to your rescue. Here are my top picks, all under $50, so you don't have to be that person and bring a gift card...again.

So who doesn't love some fuzzy socks during the winter time? Whether it's sitting by the fireplace watching a movie (Like Home Alone!), or just chilling and reading a book. These bad boys will come in handy. I found a kit at Target that even comes with a cute eye mask...you're welcome!

Fuzzy Socks & Eye Mask $8

So while you're at your White Elephant event...you'll most likely drink right? This next gift will probably come in handy...Shot glass Roulette! For only $10, it could bring you and your friends some fun for the night...not so much for the next morning though.

Shot Glass Roulette $10.00

The next gift is for those who never charges their phone...and it'll just die on them in the middle of the day. Well this portable power bank is the shape of an avocado! Urban Outfitters also have them in many other shapes like a pineapple, a unicorn, a sloth...you name it!

Avocado Portable Power Bank $28.00

Now for those Harry Potter fans, this next one is for you! Ever since I watched Fantastic Beast, Crimes of Grindelwald, I've been re-reading Harry Potter. To relive these childhood memories, Jelly Belly has chocolate Wands!

Harry Potter Chocolate Wands $35.99

Speaking of Food items, I love a good Mangonada. Now you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home! These is a kit that comes with Chamoy sauce, the candy sticks, and Tajin Powder. Your friends will surely fight over this.

Mangonado Kit $39.99

Last, but not least, I have an option for the coffee lovers. Ever get tired of fight people at work to get a good cup of coffee before it runs out? Well, bring your own coffee dripper to work! Drip coffee makers or drip coffee pots heat water and disperse it evenly and slowly across ground coffee beans, and it's super convenient.

Coffee Dripper $43.95

Hope this series of Christmas Guides came to your rescue for this year. Here's to not getting gift cards for everyone again!