BeachWaver Curls Review

I love curling my hair, but sometimes I just get lazy because it takes so long to do it for my long hair. Now that I discovered The Beachwaver, it takes me no more that 10-15 minutes to get my curls!

The Beachwaver is a rotating curling iron invented by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa in 2010. The barrel comes in 3 different sizes - 0.75in, 1in, and 1.25in. They also have 3 different lines - S1, Pro and Dual Voltage. For a detailed chart of the differences between each line, click here :)

I bought the S1 curler, in size 1in for $129. The Beachwaver site often has sales or promotion codes, so subscribe to their newsletter and keep an eye out! It's also available at Ulta if you can't wait for it to ship to you ;)

With other curling irons, my curls would never stay curled for more than 2 hours (thanks to my stick, straight hair), but using this ceramic curling iron has really helped. I even have great second day curls!

A ceramic curling iron has a smooth surface and will ensure that heat is evenly distributed throughout the heating rod. This prevents the temperature from spiking uncontrollably and unevenly, thereby damaging your hair. Now the science behind it....The ceramic material emits negatively charged ions to curl the hair. These ions do not strip hair of moisture or oils, which prevents the cuticle from damaging or splitting. Instead, when the ions make contact with the hair, they act as a smoothing agent, which also prevents hair from frizzing. Sounds so cool right? Well I can definitely see differences between using ceramic and titanium - I can see that my hair is shinier and less frizzy.

So, when I curl my hair, I start out with some dry shampoo from Dry Bar. I then use a beach wave spray from Mark Anthony to give my hair more texture. I curl my hair in about 1 in to 1.5 in sections, so that I don't get such small, tight curls. Once I'm finished, I use a finishing spray from Oliology.

If you're in the market for a new curling iron, I highly recommend The Beachwaver. It has made my life so much easier when it comes to doing my hair with a rotating barrel and ceramic barrel. Check out my IGTV video on the full tutorial here :) Don't forget to follow my instagram for more beauty and fashion related posts!