My Favorite Teddy Jacket

The Teddy Jacket is definitely still a big trend. Today I'm sharing my favorite version of the "teddy" trend with you guys!

I wasn't a fan of the Teddy Jackets at first, mainly because I live in Houston and it never gets that cold lol. It's also because I've tried on several teddy coats in different stores and they were all so heavy! But I ended up finding a perfect jacket for my casual style, and it's super light weight. The Northface Osito Sport Hybrid Jacket is super lightweight, and super fuzzy. They come in 3 different colors at Nordstrom, and although a little pricier, I think it's worth it! It was about mid 40s Fahrenheit the previous Saturday night, and this was the only jacket I wore over a long sleeve white sweater to go out in. Also, this jacket is not only casual, but I think you can dress it up to go out! Here is another option I found, if you don't like the Osito one.

If you're not into the jacket, I also think a teddy vest is super cute! The one I'm wearing is from Marshall's, but I love this one by Patagonia as well.

Both of the jackets I've mentioned can be found at Nordstrom. If you haven't entered yet, I'm hosting a giveaway to a $300 Nordstrom giftcard! Click here to see the rules on how to enter! :)