I've always heard of Makeup Revolution, but when I heard all the hype about their new concealer, I decided to give the brand a try!

At first glance, the Flawless 4 Palette seems like a pretty multi-purpose palette. It has some great neutral color options (which I love!) for an everyday look, and then you have the pops of pinks and bolder colors. I tend to always lean towards neutral colors, so this palette was a great start to playing with colors. When I dipped my brush in, it can get powdery and there is a little bit of fallout when using the darker colors, but nothing I can't just brush away. The pigments are pretty smooth when applied to the eyes, and I can attest that it does not fade away throughout the day/night! I'd definitely say this palette is a bang for the buck. For $15, you get a pretty neutral palette, with some pops of colors, and the palette itself is small enough to travel with.

The look I created has this pop of pink in the crease, which is on top of a neutral eye. It's somewhat of a cut crease look, but not 100%. I added some lashes as a final touch to make it more dramatic. Here is a full list of products I used:

As for the concealer, I really like it so far! It's full coverage for my dark circles, and it's blendable on top of my other face products. It didn't get cakey on me, and it didn't crease throughout the day either. This might be my new favorite concealer...

I finished my look with the Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights. This highlighter is more natural in my opinion, not "BAM" in your face. But I really like this color as it gives a little bit of an iridescent sheen when you shine some light on it.

Overall, I really liked the products I tried from Makeup Revolution, I had really good first impressions on them. I will definitely give more of their products a go. For a full tutorial on this look, check out my YouTube video here :)

I'M DOING A GIVEAWAY!! I wanted to thank you guys for helping me reach 1k on instagram! I started this as a hobby and a way of getting rid of stress after a long day at work. But I really didn't think this many people liked my content. I will be giving away the Makeup Revolutions products I used in this tutorial (palette, concealer and highlighter), the Tarte Sea Volume 3 palette, Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara, Tula Bright All Night Mask, along with Real Techniques Brush Set, Eco Tools Blending Sponge and Ardell Demi Wispies (my fav lashes!) all put in a Reebok Mini backpack.

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