I'm sure everybody has heard of Glossier...from all their Facebook and Instagram ads that pop up when you're scrolling through your feed to basically everyone else who talks about them on YouTube....Well I'm here today to give you my honest opinion on what I think about Glossier :)

So I bought 2 sets at $40 each (The Makeup Set and The Skincare Set) and their stretch concealer for $18.

The Makeup Set comes with the Cloud Paint (it comes in 6 beautiful colors), Lash Stick Mascara, and The Boy Brow (come in clear and 3 other colors).

So I really like the Cloud Paint, I got it in the color Dusk which is brownish nude color. I do wish now I got a more red tone, pink color as that's what I normally gear towards. But this Dusk color is something new, and it gives my skin a healthy glow. I'll definitely keep using this!

For the Lash Stick Mascara...I did not like it. I'm very picky with mascara because I have straight, short (non-existent) lashes. I need something waterproof to hold my curl all day, and give it volume and length. As you can in the picture, this did not do the trick for me...My lashes still look non-existent :( I tried curling my lashes again after putting the mascara on and before it dried to see if it'll curl but it did not. It did give me a little length, but I need a mascara priced at $16 to do more for me...I'm currently loving L'Oreal Lash Paradise, as it does everything I need!

The Boy Brow....It's been so hyped! While I do like this, I don't feel like it's anything spectacular. I've been loving L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel as I love the small brush it comes with, and the Dark Brunette color really matches me. The Boy Brow was nice, the gel did set my brows, and the color Ebony matched me pretty well. But at $16...I expected something more.

Now on to skincare....The Skincare Set comes with The Milky Jelly Cleanser, The Priming Moisturizer, and The Balm Dot Com (comes in 7 flavors, the newest being a Mango flavor).

I really liked all three of these! The milky jelly cleanser really left my skin feeling soft and smooth after cleansing, it didn't feel like it stripped away any natural oils in the face. I do have to say though, it did not remove 100% of my waterproof makeup, so make sure you double cleanser. The Balm Dot Com is a skin salve, so you can use it on your hands, your face and lips. I only like to use it as a lip balm because it's too heavy feeling for my skin. I got Cherry flavor, and it wasn't overpowering or anything, and it definitely did the job for my always chapped lips. As for the priming moisturizer, i think it's great as a moisturizer. It didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky/tacky, and indeed did prep my skin for foundation. However, I don't know if it did much in helping my foundation/concealer last longer, but I love using this as a moisturizing base. It's perfect for my dry skin.

Last item I wanted to try was their stretch concealer. It comes in 12 shades, and I got the shade G10. This shade really matched my skintone. I probably should've gotten a shade lighter so that it could have that brightening effect under my eyes. This is a great concealer for the undereyes, as this shade in particular, has a peachy undertone to help hide those undereye bags. It isn't full coverage, as it did not cover the zit I had on my chin. You could still see the redness peeking through.....but with a little work and some spot concealing with a small brush and powder over it, it did cover up my zit. For $18, I'm not totally sure about this concealer. My Maybelline Fit Me can cover up pimples well with less work, the new Elf Camo Concealer is full coverage, and there's also the Catrice Camouflage Concealer...There's just so many great, affordable options these days, that an $18 concealer really just needs to wow me.

Overall, I like Glossier and I am intrigued by this brand. I definitely want to try out more skincare products. Everything I bought and tried were definitely easy to use and goes with their motto. However, for certain items, I do think the price is a little steep. With that being said, it's your preference on ingredients in certain beauty items.

For a tutorial and demo of these products, please check out my YouTube video here :)

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