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Lash Lift/Tint

I have never tried a Lash lift but i finally got a chance to through Cru Day Spa! I love the convenience of being able to make appointments online, and they're open Monday through Sunday!

The vibe of the Spa was so relaxing! I walked in and the staff there were very friendly and welcoming. At this spa, they provide massages, facials and last treatments here. My lash lift appointment was 1 hour long - and my spectacular last tech Maria was so nice!


They start off by putting the eye pads on you, and they will put a plastic piece on your eyelids so they can start lift the lashes up. It's not uncomfortable at all, and definitely not painful.

Then they will start by putting a glue on the lashes and lift them onto the plastic piece on your eyelid. Maria was very detailed and made sure all my lashes will glued up so that the perm will do the work and make it lifted. After the glue is set, they apply the perm solution and put a plastic film on top and let it sit for 10 minutes.

After the perm solution, they will apply the last tint and let it sit for another 10 minutes. And then Maria took off the plastic piece on my eyelids and the eye pads and I opened my eyes to reveal the finished product!


I was very happy with my results! I have short baby lashes that stick straight down, and this lash lift definitely helped my eyes look more awake without mascara. The tint helped bring out my lash color, and now getting ready in the morning is even easier 🙌

Here is a comparison of what my lashes look like now, without make up:

And this is with makeup:

After Care:

The aftercare is very simple! Don't get your lashes wet for 24 hours, and it'll last about 3-4 weeks. You can brush them out with a spooly to make sure your lashes don't get tangled, but maintenance for this treatment is fairly easy 😉


Cru Day Spa is located on Highway 6 near Sugarland, and in addition to the last lift/tint, they also have Facial treatments, Massages and slimming treatments. At Cru Day Spa, a lash lift and tint is $70 but you can use my code HOLLY30 for 30% off your treatment, or ANY of their treatments! To use my code, you can go to "Shop Spa Treatments" on their website and then choose the treatment you want to add to your cart. When you checkout, it'll ask you for a discount code 🥰

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