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The Big Apple!

Over labor day weekend, I went to NYC with some friends, and had a great time eating and being an all around tourist 😅

Bars and Nightlife

We had a few nights to go out and explore town. There were a few bars we went that were so cute and were just instagram worthy!

If you're looking for a view, check out Watermark Bar in lower Manhattan side. You have a gorgeous view of the bridge and the waterfront at night. If you're have time and have a group with you, check out a boat party cruise. It's $35 per person and lasts about 2 hours long, you'll enjoy drinks and good music while cruising down the Hudson River.

For a rooftop bar option, check out The Crown Rooftop Bar at Hotel 50 Bowery. It's by Herald Square, where all the shopping happens, and near Chinatown.

They even have this cute sign inside, with chic decor and definitely has the NYC vibe going 😍

If you're in chinatown area, check out Peachy's.The cocktail bar is under Chinese Tuxedo, and they have unique drinks.

The Horny Buddha drink has goji berry infused vodka, pomegranate, orgeat, curacao and lime and it comes in a cool ceramic buddha shaped cup. The drink was delicious, but beware of "new york attitude" from staff, especially the bouncer.

If you're in K-Town, check out 3rd Floor Cafe. The Lychee Pina Colada was absolutely delicious, and during the daytime, they also serve food. We came here to wait for our table to be ready at a nearby KBBQ place, and it did not disappoint.

Another rooftop bar option would be 230 5th Rooftop Bar. Located in midtown Manhattan, this place is pretty popular, as you have views of the empire state building and the city. The particular night we went to, you paid a $40 "entrance fee" to get in, and you'll receive 3 drink tickets. It was a pretty good deal, and the drinks were pretty good too.

The cool thing is, they provide robes for you when it gets cold!


If you're a din tai fung fan, you'll definitely have to try out Joe's Shanghai in chinatown. The delicious soup dumplings is a staple, but make sure you go early because this place gets crowded and the wait times can get super long.

For the instagram perfect dessert, check out Taiyaki NYC near Joe's Shanghai. They have the cutest desserts, and the matcha ice cream is delicious too!

For the perfect italian meal, Acqua is the way to go. Located in lower Manhattan, it's close to bars if you're down for an adventure after dinner. The pasta was delicious and fresh, as well as the pizzas. Highly recommend this restaurant!

If you want to check out a food festival, follow Smorgasburg. They have the festival at The World Trade Center on Fridays 11am-7pm, at the East River State Park on Saturdays 11am-6pm and back at The World Trade Center on Sundays 11am-5pm.

We went the last day they had it at Prospect Park, and they had plenty of vendors.

My favorite was Ube Kitchen. I got the Ube Lava Cupcake, topped with Brûlée CoconutFlan with a side of Ube Ice Cream with a Dried PineappleWedge. It was absolutely delicious!

Right next door was WontonTiva with some delicious friend wontons.

For a more filling option, check out Yakisoba NYC. They have a delicous grilled squid they grill in front of you as well as squid or steak yakisoba.

If you're not as hungry, try out MaoBao. They have different Baos with different meat fillings. It's small, but packs a lot of great flavor.

Being a Tourist

Of course we couldn't visit NYC without going to some of the famous tourist place.

The Brooklyn Bridge, where many movies were made and is a must-go....gets crowded lol. If you want good shots, make sure to go early in the morning before anyone gets up!

There are still a few spots where you can get less crowded shots though.

The "Friends Apartment" is a must if you're a big Friends fan like me. You can't go in the apartments....but you can get all the shots you want outside in front of the building though 😅

If you're in the area, and going to check out the Empire State building, stop by the Flatiron Building. The architecture is amazing, and it was also in a few movies.

If you want to go up to The Empire State building observatory, it's $42. But I think it's worth it. The views are amazing. There are are few stops along the way where you can learn more about the beginnings, how long it took them to build it, and a few famous films the building was featured in.

Plus you get to take all the pictures you want 😂

If you're up for some walking, go to The Vessel in the Hudson Yards. If you want to go in and walk up the building, you must book a free ticket on their website. This is to ensure the building doesn't go over capacity. Once you book your tickets, you have an hour long window to arrive. Its definitely worth a visit even if you don't plan on walking inside, there is a shopping mall right next to it and some food options nearby.

Last place we had time to visit was The World Trade Center and The Occulus. The memorial is as majestic as they say and embodies the patriotic remembrance of those who passed away during 9/11. There is a museum you can visit, and it's $26 for general admission. We decided to skip this during our trip because the lines were extremely long.

Right next door, is The Oculus. This is pretty much a big shopping mall, inside a magnificent piece of architecture.

Even if you don't plan on shopping, this is where Smorgasburg is held every Friday and Sunday, and it makes a pretty great instagram worthy picture 😘

Thanks for reading and following me on my NYC adventure. I'm going back in December for Christmas, so I'll definitely write about it and point out some great Holiday spots/activities. Don't forget to follow me on instagram to see my stories and for fashion and beauty related posts!